5th Zeuthen Workshop on Elementary Particle Theory

Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory

Bastei/Königstein, Germany

Sunday, April 09 - Friday, April 14, 2000

Published in:
Nuclear Physics B - Proc. Suppl., Volume 89 ,
Issue No. 1-3 (1 October 2000)
Proceedings of the 5th Zeuthen Workshop on Elementary Particle Theory, Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory, Bastei, Germany, 9 April 2000

List of Talks:


  1. A. Ballestrero:
    Fermion Loops, Single W, and Non-Conserved Currents (.ps)

  2. J. Bartels:
    Twist 4 at Small x and Low Q^2 at HERA

  3. W. Beenakker:
    Double logarithmic effects in the Standard Model

  4. D. Broadhurst:
    Interplay of Combinatorics with Analysis in Quantum Field Theory (.pdf)

  5. K. Chetyrkin:
    R(s) in Perturbative QCD

  6. A. Davydychev:
    epsilon - Expansion of Dimensionally Regulated Feynman Diagrams

  7. P. del Aguila:
    Top Mixing in Effective Theories

  8. St. Dittmaier:
    RacoonWW: An MC Generator for e+e- -> WW -> 4f (.ps)

  9. J. Fleischer:
    Two Loop Self-Energies in the Standard Model

  10. A. Freitas:
    Exact Results for Fermionic Two-Loop Contributions to Muon Decay in the Electroweak Standard Model (.ps)

  11. Th. Gehrmann:
    Differential Equations for Two-Loop Four Point Functions (.ps)

  12. A. Ghinculov:
    Loops and legs beyond perturbation theory

  13. N. Glover:
    Progress Towards 2 to 2 Scattering at Two Loops (.ps)

  14. Th. Hahn:
    Automatic Loop Calculations with FeynArts and FormCalc (.ps)

  15. S. Heinemeyer:
    Feynman-diagrammatic Corrections up to Two-Loop to Higgs Production and Decay in the MSSM (.ps)

  16. G. Heinrich:
    A Reduction Formalism for One-Loop N-Point Integrals

  17. J. Illana:
    Lepton Flavour Violation in Z Decays (.ps)

  18. M. Jack:
    Fermion Pair Production with ZFITTER at an e^+e^- Linear Collider (.ps)

  19. St. Jadach:
    Coherent Exclusive Exponentiation for Precision Monte Carlo Calculations (.ps)

  20. J. Kodaira:
    The Spin Correlations in Top Quark Production: QCD Corrections vs Anomalous Coupling (.ps)

  21. D. Kreimer:
    Feynman Diagrams as Generalized Polylogarithms: Shuffles and Pentagons

  22. J. Kühn:
    Subleading Sudakov Logarithms in Electroweak Processes

  23. D. Miller:
    The triple Higgs self-coupling at future e+e- colliders (.ps)

  24. S. Moch:
    Structure Functions: Reconstruction From Mellin Moments (.ps)

  25. M. Moretti:
    A New Approach to Multijet Calculations in Hadron Collisions

  26. P. Osland:
    Quark-Gluon Vertex in Arbitrary Gauge and Dimension (.ps)

  27. M. Pepe-Altarelli:
    The Challenge of Precision Measurements at LHC (.ppt), (.ps)

  28. F. Piccinini:
    Electroweak Physics in Six Fermion Processes at Future Colliders (.ps)

  29. G. Quast:
    Precision Measurements of Electroweak Gauge Boson Properties at LEP (.ps), (.ps)

  30. E. Remiddi:
    Precise Evaluation of the Electron (g-2) at Four Loops: the Algebraic Way

  31. D. Robaschik:
    Quantum Field Theoretic Treatment of the Non-Forward Compton Amplitude

  32. K. Sasaki:
    Parton Distribution Functions in the Virtual Photon Target and Factorization Scheme Dependence

  33. St. Schlenstedt:
    Precise Measurements at HERA: Now and Then (.ps) (.ps) (.ps) (.ps) (.ps)

  34. K. Schubert:
    Search for CP Violation in B Meson Decays

  35. K. Sibold:
    The supersymmetry Ward identity and its use in supersymmetric QED

  36. J. Smith:
    Two-Loop Matching Conditions for overline(MS) Parton Densities

  37. M. Spira:
    Gaugino Pair Production at Hadron Colliders

  38. M. Steinhauser:
    The Relation between the overline(MS) and the On-Shell Quark Mass at alpha_s^3 (.ps)

  39. O. Tarasov:
    Application and Explicit Solution of d-Shift Recurrence Relations (.ps)

  40. B. Tausk:
    The Non-Planar Massless Double Box Diagram

  41. T. van Ritbergen:
    Some New Analytic Results in QCD: the 3-loop conversion between MS-bar and Pole Masses and the Semileptonic Width of b-Quarks

  42. M. Veltman:
    Cancelling Infinities (.pdf)

  43. O. Veretin:
    Progress in Calculation of Massless On-Shell Double Boxes

  44. J. Vermaseren:
    Mathematics for Structure Functions (.ps)

  45. A. Vogt:
    Higher Order QCD Effects in Deep Inelastic Structure Functions

  46. A. Wagner:
    New Frontiers in e+e- Collisions: The Physics Potential of TESLA (.pdf)

  47. G. Weiglein:
    Higgs-mass Predictions and Electroweak Precision Observables in the Standard Model and the MSSM (.ps)

  48. S. Weinzierl:
    Calculational techniques for singletop production (.ps)


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