Beam Energy Meeting -

Yerevan October 24-26, 2006

Progress in the spectrometer magnetic field (pdf, 6,5MB) N. Morozov
Beam tracking through ESA spectrometer (pdf, 370KB) S. Kostromin
Synchrotron Radiation - a tool for precise beam energy measurements at the ILC (pdf, 550KB) J. Schreiber
ILC beam energy measurements based on synchrotron radation from magnetic spectrometer (pdf, 220KB) R. Makarov
Gas amplification detector (pdf, 400KB) B. Zalikhanov
BPM energy spectrometry, status and future plans at ESA in SLAC (pdf, 3,5MB) B. Maiheu
Energy spectrometer cavity (pdf, 2,3MB) S. Boogert
Compton backscattering for beam energy measurement at ILC (pdf, 1,6MB) M. Viti
Comparison of 3- and 4-magnet-versions of the ILC energy spectrometer (pdf, 230KB) K. Hiller
Measurement of electron beam energy using radiation in the superposition of laser wave and magnetic field (pdf, 160KB) R. Melikian
Summary of the meeting (pdf, 60KB) V. Nikoghosian, J. Schreiber

last update: 15.11.2006