Meeting on Beam Energy Measurement -

Zeuthen, June 06-08, 2007

Precision top quark threshold measurements at the ILC (pdf, 1MB) F. Gouraris
ILC beam tests in End Station A (pdf, 2MB) M. Woods
Progress report for the energy spectrometer test experiment at ESA at SLAC (pdf, 4MB) S. Boogert
Extraction-line energy spectrometer (pdf, 11MB) E. Torrence
Measurements on BPM-based energy spectrometer in the SLAC End Station A (pdf, 1,3MB) S. Kostromin
Magnetic field measurement bench commissioning and test (pdf, 3,4MB) N. Morozov
The "long term" temperature measurements for the magnet spectrometer (pdf, 600KB) V. Duginov
The possibility of precise measurement of the absolute electron beam by means of "resonance absorption" method (pdf, 230KB) R. Melikian
Electron beam absolute energy measurement realization possibility by resonance absorption method (pdf, 430KB) A. Ghalumyan
Construction of synchrotron radiation monitor and simulation of synchrotron radiation from magnetic spectrometer (pdf, 890KB) R. Makarov
4-magnet-version (pdf, 480KB) K. Hiller
Compton backscattering for beam energy measurement: Introduction (pdf, 250KB) N. Muchnoi
Energy measurement with Copton backscattering: update (pdf, 270KB) M. Viti
The Internationale Linear Collider (ILC) - Dubna Siting (pdf, 3,2MB) V. Duginov
Summary (pdf, 59KB) J. Schreiber

last update: 26.06.2007