Contributions of the Beam Energy Measurement Meeting -

Yerevan, May 23-25, 2005

Progress Report on Development of the Magnetic Field Measurement Technique (pdf, 900KB) N. Morozov
Beam Energy Measurement by Synchrotron Radiation (some rough ideas) (pdf, 800KB) K. Hiller
Dubna Activities within the ILC Project V. Duginov
J. Dorfan: Summary Remarks LCWS05, SLAC (pdf, 3MB) J. Schreiber
Some General Comments on the Project "Beam Energy Measurements" (pdf, 125KB) J. Schreiber
New Aspects of the Method "Electron Beam Energy Measurement using Resonant Absorption of Laser Light by Electrons in a Magnetic Field" (pdf, 180KB) R. Melikian
Measurement of the Beam Energy using Resonant Absorption of Laser Light, a View from an Experimentalist (pdf, 5MB) J. Schreiber
Some Remarks, Problems, Questions to the Method of Resonance Absorption for the Beam Energy Determination (pdf, 3MB) J. Schreiber
Measuring the Beam Energy with Radiative Return Events (pdf, 700KB) J. Schreiber
Summary of the Meeting (pdf, 26KB) V. Duginov, V. Nikoghosian,
J. Schreiber

last update: 21.06.2005