Contributions of the Beam Energy Measurement Meeting -

DESY, Zeuthen, November 21-23, 2005

Energy Spectrometer R&D in the UK (pdf, 145KB) Matthews Wing
Progress towards magnetic field measurement benches and suggestions for the test run at SLAC (pdf, 540KB) Nikolai Morozov
BPMs for the spectrometer: design status, current progress and plans (pdf, 1,8MB) Alexej Liapine
The termal and mechanical stabilization of the magnet spectrometer (pdf, 420KB) Victor Duginov
Laser backscattering - a method for precise beam energy determination at the ILC? (pdf, 285KB) Jürgen Schreiber
Additions to the method of beam energy measurement using resonance absorption of laser light in a magnetic field (pdf, 200KB) Robert Melikian
News on the resonance absorption method (pdf, 160KB) Nikolai Skachkov
Monitoring the beam energy by means of synchrotron radiation (pdf, 1,3MB) Jürgen Schreiber
Proposal for development of a coordinate detector with a linear resolution of 3µm (pdf, 1,2MB) Boris Zalikhanov
GEANT4 Simulation of synchrotron radiation (pdf, 335KB) Roman Makarov
A new approach on beam energy measurement Nikolai Skachkov
A new idea to measure the beam energy (pdf, 265KB) Boris Zalikhanov
Summary of the Meeting (pdf, 50KB) Jürgen Schreiber

last update: 06.12.2005