Artist's view of a Higgs event at ILC

Detector & Physics in Zeuthen for a Linear Collider

A gamma gamma collider at the ILC

Production mechanism of photon beam

An e+e- linear collider offers the possibility to be used also as a gamma-gamma or gamma-electron collider. A high-intensity photon beam be is created by Compton scattering of the high-energy electrons with a high-intensity laser beam a few millimeter distance of the IP. Luminosity and energy of a gamma-gamma collider is comparable to the e+e- case. Further information can be found in the Appendix 1 of the TESLA TDR

The LC group in Zeuthen also worked on the preparation of this option. Main research subjects were

A summary of our work has been published in Nucl.Inst.Meth.A564:243-261,2006 (physics/0601204)

From Zeuthen the following people have been involved in these activities:

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