Artist's view of a Higgs event at ILC

Detector & Physics in Zeuthen for a Linear Collider

PhD theses

Martin Ohlerich Investigations of the physics potential and detector development for the ILC February 2010 BTU server
Michele Viti Precise and fast beam energy measurement at the International Linear Collider November 2009 HU server
Karim Laihem Measurement of the positron polarization at an helical undulator based positron source for the International Linear Collider ILC June 2008 HU server
Huber Nieto-Chaupis Study of scalar leptons at the TESLA photon collider April 2007 HU server
Ekaterina Kouznetsova Design Studies and Sensor Tests for the Beam Calorimeter of the ILC Detector September 2006 [pdf, 3.1MB]
Jadranka Sekaric Studies of Gauge Boson Production with a gamma gamma-collider at TESLA August 2005 [pdf, 3.2MB]

Diploma theses

Andre Sailer Studies on the Measurement of Differential Luminosity using Bhabha Events at the International Linear Collider April 2009 Desy Server
Arndt Hinze Determination of the beam energy at TESLA using radiative return events November 2004 [pdf, 1.3MB].
[ps.gz, 1.4MB].
Gunnar Klämke Studies on Chargino-production in photon-photon collisions September 2004 [pdf, 1.3MB].
[ps.gz, 1.4MB].
Ralph Dollan Investigation of a Crystal Calorimeter Technology with longitudinal Segmentation February 2004 [pdf, 3.1MB].
[ps.gz, 51MB].

Further Desy theses, preprints, and reports can be found on the Desy Publication Server.