Artist's view of a Higgs event at ILC

Detector & Physics in Zeuthen for a Linear Collider

ILC physics studies

Physics studies for the ILC are important for several reasons. A detailed physics case is essential for the approval of the project and as a motivation for new groups to join. In addition they are needed to optimise the machine parameters and the detector and to derive a possible running scenario.

A summary of the physics studies within the ILC project, are given in Volume 2 of the Reference Design Report. Further information may also be found in Physics Overview of the TESLA, JLC, and NLC project pages.

cross sections for interesting physics processes

In the past physicists from DESY Zeuthen contributed to several fields of the physics studies:

In future these studies will be extended. Especially the studies for a possible photon collider at the ILC, reported in Appendix 1 of the TESLA TDR have to be substantiated.