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0th Bulletin (April 23, 1996)

1st Bulletin (July 16, 1996)

2nd Bulletin (October 2, 1996)

3rd Bulletin (January 30, 1997)


A list of participants including email addresses is available.

Computing and networking Facilities

PC's with Internet connection were available to conference attendees from 8:00h - 18:00h.
Here you can get here photos from the computing facilities.

Due to the unexpected change of the conference location, and therefore due to the difficult situation in the Lichenberg Conference Center and the time left for installing, a local network it was impossible to extend the internet access via ISDN for the CHEPī97 Online Computer Network to the conference rooms. The consequence of this was that we were not able to give speakers the opportunity to use a Web browser to illustrate their talk, as it was offered in the Call for Papers.

For the initial conference location, the Rathaus Schoeneberg, a 4 Mb/s Internet connection was prepared. On this condition it was planned to send live audio and video of all plenary sessions across the MBONE from Rathaus Schoeneberg. Under the low bandwidth conditions at the new conference location, the Lichtenberger Congress Center, it was decided to convert the VHS video tapes offline into MBONE files. The archive of these CHEPī97 audio/video recodings will be made available to interested sites by request. Please contact

Vendor Exhibition

Companies at the leading edge of Information Technology displayed and/or demonstrated their equipment, systems, software, services, literature, or other products of importance for CHEPī97 attendees in an informal "walk-up and talk" setting. The following companies and institutions were present at the exhibition:

Storage Tek Corporation
Quadrics Supercomputers World
Ampex Europa
SONY Europe
Grau Storage Systems
JF Lehmanns Fachbuchhandlung
Digital Equipment Corporation
Objectivity Europe
Silicon Graphics
Universitaet Mannheim

Here you can get photos from the industrial exhibition.

Virtual Collaboration

CHEPī97 had been collaborating virtually with the WWW6 Conference which was held at the same time at Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California.

HEPiX Meeting

The meeting took place at DESY Zeuthen, April 14-16, 1997. Here you will find all the information concerning this HEPiX meeting.


The CHEPī97 conference banquet has been held on Thursday, April 10, from 19:30h to 22:30h, at "Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin". The museum is located between the underground stations "Gleisdreieck" and "Möckernbrücke" in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
The museum aims to show the relationship of technology, science, history, art, and politics, and their influence on everyday life. It is located in an former railway station and features a large exhibition of means of communal transport and of technical items, among them an old Zuse computer. The banquet offered dinner and music in one of the old locomotive sheds, and bars in the exhibition area.
The banquet was partly sponsored by Quadrics Supercomputers World (QSW).
Here you can get photos from the banquet.

Tourist Program

During the conference week a limited number of tourist activities in Berlin had been organized for accompanying persons. At the weekend before and after the conference trips to Potsdam and Dresden and a Berlin city tour were offered for attendees and accompanying persons as well.