CHEP'97 Bulletin #2

The Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) announces the

International Conference on


April 7-11, 1997, Rathaus Schoeneberg, Berlin, Germany

Computing in High Energy Physics (CHEP) is a major series of international conferences for physicists and computing professionals from the High Energy Physics community, Computer Science, and IT industry. The CHEP conference provides an international forum to exchange the experience and needs for the community, and to review recent, ongoing, and future activities (cf

The CHEP conference includes plenary and parallel sessions, a panel discussion, poster presentations and an industrial exhibition.

Key topics include

Special emphasis is put on the deployment of novel computing technologies in current and future HEP experiments, e.g.

The CHEP'97 conference is organized by DESY at the Rathaus Schoeneberg in Berlin from April 7th to April 11th, 1997. This bulletin informs you about the CHEP conference's background, organizers, topics, program and provides preliminary registration information.

International Scientific Advisory Committee

Christian Arnault   IN2P3,Lyon        David Leith         SLAC, Stanford
Paul Avery          UFL, Gainesville  Erich Lohrmann      DESY, Hamburg
Sergei Berezhnev    MSU, Moscow       Martin Luescher     DESY, Hamburg
Christoph Berger    RWTH Aachen       Stu Loken           LBL, Berkeley
Joel Butler         FNAL, Chicago     Juergen May         CERN, Geneva
He Sheng Chen       IHEP, Beijing     Thomas Nash         FNAL, Chicago
Mary Censa Ferrer   INFN, Frascati    Michael Ogg         BNL, Brookhaven
Rudi Fruehwirth     HEPHY, Vienna     Martti Pimia        CERN, Geneva
Karel Gaemers       NIKHEF, Amsterdam Larry Price         ANL, Argonne
Thomas Glanzman     SLAC, Stanford    Wolfgang v. Rueden  GSI, Darmstadt
Ryszard Gokieli     IPJ, Warsaw       Frederico Ruggieri  INFN, Bari
Dines Hansen        NBI, Kopenhagen   Alberto Santoro     LAFEX, Rio de Janeiro
Richard Hemingway   Carlton U, Ottawa Enzo Valente        INFN, Rome
George Kalmus       RAL, Oxford       Yoshiyuki Watase    KEK, Tsukuba
Matthias Kasemann   DESY, Hamburg     Vicky White         FNAL, Chicago
Gottfried Kellner   CERN, Geneva      David Williams      CERN, Geneva
Juergen Knobloch    CERN, Geneva      Wojciech Wojcik     IN2P3, Lyon

Program Committee

                Lothar A.T. Bauerdick   DESY, Hamburg
                Hans Frese              DESY, Hamburg
                Wolfgang Friebel        DESY, Zeuthen
                Ulrich Gensch           DESY, Hamburg (chair)
                Lars Hagge              DESY, Hamburg
                Thomas Naumann          DESY, Zeuthen
                Jan Hendrik Peters      DESY, Hamburg (secretary)
                Peter Wegner            DESY, Zeuthen (secretary)


CHEP conferences are held in roughly 12-18 month intervals, alternating between Europe, North America and other parts of the world. Recent CHEP conferences have been held in

Conference Program

The program is organized with invited plenary talks in the mornings and parallel sessions in the afternoons. Plenary talks cover recent, ongoing and future activities of the HEP community, interesting technological developments of the IT industry and novel aspects of system development. The parallel sessions are organized into seven tracks. Their topics include, but are not limited to

Analysis and Simulation Algorithms and Packages, Visualization, Virtual Reality Projects, Parallelization.

Real-Time Monitoring and Control Systems for Experiments and Accelerators, Data Acquisition Systems, Event Building, Trigger Systems and Algorithms.
Data Storage Technologies, Data Management Systems, Databases.

LAN/WAN Technology, Management and Security, WWW Applications and Tools, Worldwide Collaboration, International WANs, Global File Systems, Remote Services.

Software Tools, Languages, and Environments, Object-Oriented Technologies, Configuration Management and Collaborative Tools, Tools for Distributed Collaborations, Quality Assurance, Dynamic Programming, Symbolic Programming, Component Software.

Special Architectures, Massive Parallel Systems, LQCD Computing, Neural Networks.

Applications involving Off-The-Shelf Products, System Migration and Portability, Desktop Infrastructure, Mobile Computing, Free Software, PCs as Workstations.

Preliminary Conference Schedule

The CHEP'97 conference runs from Monday, April 7th, to Friday, April 11th 1997. The Conference Secretariat will be available for registration and a welcome party will be held on the Sunday evening preceding the conference. The intended schedule for the week of the conference is as follows:

       | Sunday  | Monday  | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday
 9:00  |         | Welcome |   Plenary Sessions  (2x45')    | Summary (3x30')
10:30  |         |               C O F F E E   B R E A K
11:15  |         |             Plenary Sessions  (2x45')    | Summary (4x30')
12:45  |         |                 L U N C H   B R E A K
14:30  |         |             Parallel Sessions (4x30')    | Conf. Summary
-------|         |-----------------------------------------------------------
16:30  | Registr |               C O F F E E   B R E A K    |
-------|         |------------------------------------------|
17:00  |         | Parallel| Poster  | Vendor    | Parallel |
- 18:30|    &    | (3x30') | Session | Present.  | (3x30')  |
-------|         |---------|         | & Exhibit |----------|
Evening| Welcome |         |         |           | Banquet  |
       | Party   |         |         |           |          |

In a separate mailing we are now inviting submissions of papers and posters to CHEP'97. All papers and posters accepted for the conference will be published in the printed conference proceedings. Please note the submission deadlines:

Poster Session

More emphasis than in previous CHEP conferences is placed on the poster session. Late Tuesday afternoon is allocated to poster presentations. It will start with a short plenary session to introduce the posters and their authors. In the following poster presentation, posters will be grouped by their topics, and the event will be accompanied by cheese & wine. In addition to poster space, some stand-alone multi-media PC's will be provided to allow participants to enhance their posters with online demonstrations of their projects.

Participants are invited to submit detailed technical presentations directly to the poster session. We emphasize the possibility of supplementing parallel talks with (animated) poster demonstrations.

HEPiX and other Activities

After the conference a HEPiX workshop is scheduled in Zeuthen (which is easily reachable, by 30 minutes public transport from the center of Berlin) from April 14th to April 17th. For further information on HEPIX see or contact

During the conference we will provide rooms in the evening for anyone who wishes to organize BOF's or any other meeting.

Conference Facilities, Material and Proceedings

When registering at the conference, participants will receive a conference briefcase including printed conference proceedings, program, note-pad and pen, and Berlin city information. During the conference access to terminals will be provided for the participants to receive and send e-mail.

A few weeks after the conference, participants will receive a multi-media CD-ROM with a conference summary and the complete proceedings. A limited number of the proceedings will be available in printed form.

Conference Location

Berlin is the capital and the largest city of Germany. It has a population of about 3.5 million. Located in a charming lake and woodland area, Berlin has several world famous sights, three major universities and several other colleges and research facilities, opera houses, theaters, museums, and libraries. Berlin has a high density of all types of lodging facilities and the city offers a large variety of cultural events and entertainment.

Schoeneberg, now a district of Berlin, was a city of its own until 1920. Constructed for the city council in 1914, the Rathaus Schoeneberg (Schoeneberg Town Hall) was on the stage of international politics while it was used by Berlin's House of Representatives from 1949-1993. One event of historical significance during this period was the state visit of President John F. Kennedy in June 1963, when in front of Rathaus Schoeneberg he spoke the famous sentence "Ich bin ein Berliner!".


Conference registration forms are available on the CHEP'97 Web-Server
(URL and will be distributed by email together with this information bulletin.
It is possible to register using the Web form interactively or by sending back the completed text form via Email to or fax to +49 33762 77501.

The registration fee will be 540 DM for registration before February 1st, 1997, and 620 DM afterwards. Conference registration includes the 5 days of the conference, welcome reception, conference dinner, and the conference briefcase.


Accommodation is organized by Hotel-NET a service provided by the GIP (Gesellschaft fuer Internet Publishing) company. Information about the hotels offered by Hotel-NET and a hotel registration form can be found on the CHEP'97 Web page under the topic "accommodation".

Program for accompanying persons

During the conference week and the weekend after the conference the following activities can be organized (at a minimum number of 25 participants):

Tuesday,   April 08, 1997  Sightseeing tour Berlin                (34,- DM)
Wednesday, April 09, 1997  Boat trip through Berlin               (63,- DM)
Thursday,  April 10, 1997  Porcelain Factory Tour in Berlin       (42,- DM)
Friday,    April 11, 1997  Tour of Museums and Galeries in Berlin (58,- DM)
Saturday,  April 12, 1997  Excursion to Potsdam                   (46,50 DM)
Sunday,    April 13, 1997  Excursion to Dresden                   (106,- DM)
The tours must be booked before the beginning of the conference.
Detailed information will be made available on the CHEP'97 Web page.

Conference Secretariat

For general inquiries about the conference, registration and travel information, please contact the conference secretariat at

    CHEP'97 Conference Secretariat
    DESY-Zeuthen                        Fax:   +49 33762 77501
    Platanenallee 6                     Phone: +49 33762 77500
    D-15738 Zeuthen                     Email:
    Germany                             URL: