Computing in High Energy Physics

Berlin, April 7-11 1997

Preliminary Announcement

The CHEP conference series (Computing in High Energy Physics) is the largest international meeting bringing together the High Energy Physics community, computer scientists, computing professionals, and representatives of the computing industry.

The conference will be held April 7-11, 1997 at Rathaus Schoeneberg in Berlin, Germany.

It is organized by DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) which has locations in Hamburg and in Zeuthen (near Berlin).

Over the last 8 years, this conference has been held in different countries around the world:

Oxford, UK (April 89), Santa Fe, USA (April 90), Tsukuba, Japan (March 91), Annecy, France (September 92), San Francisco, USA, (April 94), Rio de Janeiro (September 95).

Conference Program

CHEP97 will follow the tradition of previous CHEP conferences giving physicists and computer scientists the opportunity to review progress in all aspects of computing in High Energy Physics, including data acquisition, triggering, control, analysis, simulation, data storage, programming languages, tools and algorithms. New aspects of commodity computing and special architectures for high performance computing in theoretical physics will be covered.

CHEP97 will follow the format of a five day conference with plenary and parallel sessions.

In addition to talks fundamental to computing in High Energy Physics, the program will include presentations on major developments by people from other scientific areas and from industry.

More emphasis than in previous conferences will be placed on the poster session. Here participants are invited to present more detailed solutions going beyond the parallel session talks. A special poster session evening with a preceding introductory plenary session is planned.

Products of major computer vendors, network suppliers, and software companies will be exhibited during the conference.

This bulletin is the first of several bulletins which will keep you informed about the conference schedule, registration, travel, submission of papers, and the evolution of the program.

 Conference Chairman:    Ulrich Gensch                
 Scientific Secretaries: Peter Wegner (Zeuthen)       
                         Jan Hendrik Peters (Hamburg) 

 CHEP97 Conference Secretariat:
 DESY-Zeuthen                              Fax:   +49 33762 77501
 Platanenallee 6                           Phone: +49 33762 77500
 D-15738 Zeuthen                           Email:
 Germany                                   URL: