Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

Since 1982, the Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin has been taking shape near Gleisdreieck in Berlin-Kreuzberg, and it is still being extended.

It continues the tradition of numerous large technical museums which were located in Berlin for more than 120 years, and most of whose exhibits were destroyed during World War II. Its most famous predecessors are:

locomotive The location of the museum used to be of major importance for public and freight transport in Berlin. There was the Anhalter freight depot, the railway maintenance area including two semi-circular locomotive sheds, and the factory buildings of a cold-storage company. Up to the present day the site has alsways been a junction for different means of transport, including railway, underground, suburban trains, shipping and road traffic.

The aim of the museum is to interpret the world as a complex interactive system, rather than to display technical objects in isolation. The idea is to show the interrelationship of technology, science, history, art and politics, as well as its influence on people´s everyday life.

Since 1983 new departments have been opened. Presently about 25% of the total stock of exhibits are displayed wthin an area of ca. 13000qm. The large collection of means of communal transport is stored in a depot hall and can only be visited on special days.

windmill restored and rebuilt windmill in the park

In the spacious park, which can be reached from the locomotive sheds, nature can be seen taking over destroyed and abandoned technical objects. An integrated guidance system facilitates a visit to the park even for the blind or visually-impaired.

experiments The interactive department Spectrum is located in the former Anhalter freight depot. The building is detached and has a separate entrance. In this Science Centre more than 200 practical experiments give access to a deeper understanding and a sensual experience of the fundamental principles of old an new technology.

In the new building at Tempelhofer Ufer the aeronautical and maritime exhibition will be located in 6000qm of floor spance each. In addition, the archives,the library, and a restaurant will be accommodated there.

Long-term planning includes the re-erection of all of the former Anhalter freight depot to become the future main building of the museum. After the construction work has been completed, the museum will have over 50 000qm of exhibition space within an area of ca. 25 acres at its disposal.

Deutsches Technikmuseum