Contributions of the Energy Spectrometer Meeting -

Dubna October 28-30 2004

Activities at DESY within the ILC Project (pdf, 1,5MB) Jürgen Schreiber
Stat of the Vibration wire stand and the NMR and Hall Magnometer manufactoring (pdf, 560KB) Nikolai Morozov
Review of the visit to the SACM (Saclay) Laboratory (pdf, 1,5MB) Nikolai Morozov
New Aspects on Electron Beam Energy Measurements using Renonance Absorption of Laser Light by Electrons in a Magnetic Field (pdf, 250KB) R.A. Melikian
Some Aspects of theResonance Absorption Method (pdf, 125KB) K.-H. Hiller
First Results on GEANT4 Synchrotron Radiation Simulations (pdf, 680KB) R. Makarov
The Energy Spectrometer at the International Linear Collider - seminar talk (pdf, 970KB) Jürgen Schreiber
Summary of the Meeting (pdf, 23KB) Jürgen Schreiber / Victor Duginov

last update: 25.11.2004