Program of the Energy Spectrometer Meeting -

DESY Zeuthen March 17-18

Monday (March 17):
Welcome / Introduction (pdf, 48KB) Jürgen Schreiber
The Beam Delivery System, ... (pdf, 700KB) Nick Walker
Basic Properties of the Spectrometer (pdf, 300KB) Karl-Heinz Hiller
The Magnets (pdf, 650KB) Nikolai Morozov
The BPMs (pdf, 880KB) Alexej Ljapine
Alignment, ... Victor Duginov
Energy Measurement by means of Synchrotron Radiation (pdf, 370KB) Tair Mamedov
Tuesday (March 18)
Detailed Discussions on each Item, ...
Summary (pdf, 30KB)
Contribution to the ECFA / DESY LC workshop, Amsterdam, April 1-4, 2003 (pdf, 360KB) Jürgen Schreiber