Notes for CHEP´97 CD-ROM




This CD-ROM contains the abstracts, papers, video or audio files and presentations (overheads, slides...) for the Proceedings of the International Conference on Computing in High Energy Physics´97, held April 7-11, 1997 in Berlin, Germany.
The CD-ROM has been produced to be accessible from Mac, PC, and UNIX operating systems via a World Wide Web browser and is best viewable by such means. If for some reason a suitable browser is not available, the files on the CD-ROM may be individually viewed and printed via the usual computer operating system commands appropriate to the computer platform and the format of the files of interest.

If you do not have a World Wide Web browser, we have included links to sites on the Internet from which you can download both the browser (Netscape Navigator 3.02 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02) and helper applications for PC, Mac and UNIX platforms. We hope our readers will have no difficulty obtaining the software. To help you get started, we have included instructions for the platforms :

pcreadme.htm for PC's unixread.htm for UNIX macread.htm for Macintosh

in the help directory.

For UNIX users unfamiliar with mounting a CD-ROM, look at :

Mounting a CD-ROM on the UNIX platform.

For each submitted paper, Postscript files have been included. However, it is possible that some errors have crept through.

To view the MPEG videos on the CD-ROM you need to use recent players, that support video streams. If you have difficulties with the video clips please try to follow our recommendations.


We have made numerous quality checks and exerted considerable effort to insure that the materials provided are capable of being viewed and printed. However, we can not guarantee this. The contents is provided on an "as is" basis.

If you do encounter viewing problems with Postscript files, please try printing the material. In many cases we have found that printing is more reliable than viewing, given the state of various viewing tools.

As a matter of background information in an effort to help you deal with any such difficulties, please note that authors were not asked to limit the fonts used in their submissions. For example, authors of papers in other conference proceedings were limited to Type 1 Fonts in Times and Symbol for text and equations. Authors were limited to Type 1 Zapf Dingbats for data points in graphs for documents produced with word processors on the Mac or PC. Authors were limited to Type 1 fonts plus Type 1 Computer Modern fonts for authors using a non-Mac/PC platform. This is not the case with the CHEP´97 CD-ROM papers. Therefore, obtaining additional fonts for your computer system may be sufficient to make the materials readable.

In addition to their papers, CHEP authors have kindly provided in many cases an electronic copy of their presentation overheads. These overheads are accessible from each abstract where the button "slides" appears. In most cases, these hypertext links will take you to a gallery of slide-like images. Occasionally you may find presentations more in the nature of html-formatted papers.

Note that a number of hypertext links within the text point to web sites on the Internet. As of this date, the web sites were operational and contained material relevant to the mission and goals of CHEP´97.

No guarantee is made of the future relevance or appropriateness of content at these web sites, however.

How to Access the CHEP´97 CD-ROM

This is a HTML-based CD-ROM. You can navigate among files using a World Wide Web client browser such as Netscape or Microsoft Explorer. Helper applications such as ghostview are also needed for viewing Postscript files. Please install the software from the CD-ROM if you do not have these available on your computer.

How to Locate Papers

Papers from the CHEP´97 Conference on the CD-ROM can be found via a number of lists or tables. Each list or table has hypertext links to an abstract, a paper (Postscript), a slide, a video or audio file.

  • By Author's Lastname

    This hypertext link gives you a list of authors for all papers ordered alphabetically by their lastname.

  • Find all papers in the plenary session

    A table of papers, abstracts and slides presented in the plenary sessions for Monday through Friday.

  • Find all papers in the summary session

    A table of summary talks presented on Thursday April 10, 1997 and Friday April 11, 1997.

  • Find all papers in the parallel session

    A table of papers, abstracts and slides presented in the plenary sessions for Monday through Thursday.

  • Find all papers in the poster session

    A list of papers contributed to the poster session. They are ordered by topic.

    Better Navigation

    Take advantage of the capabilities of your browser. The following recommendations will help you navigate the CD-ROM:

  • Open new windows when you click on links to the abstract for a paper or to the slides associated with the paper.
  • Use the history or "GO" list in the menu to move easily back up the hierarchy.
  • When looking for a paper for which you do not know the author or session, use the Find item under the "Edit" menu to search on the author page for keywords that might be in the title.
    The CHEP´97 CD-ROM was developed at DESY mainly by the following people:

    Manuela Brehmer (CHEP´97 Web pages and Implementation of CD-ROM)
    Karin Pipke (Conference Papers)
    Wolfgang Friebel (Editor)
    Frank Wardenski (Design and Implementation of CD-ROM)
    Peter Wegner (Editor)

    We would like to acknowlege the benefit we have received from the CHEP95 CDROM in providing the contents for much of CHEP97 Notes and certain other sections.

    Particular thanks go to Kai Vieregge from DECOM and Benedikt Hain from the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen Potsdam-Babelsberg who carried out the video recording of the plenary and summary sessions.

    We also would like to express our thanks to Manfred Biastoch for the PC support, and Regina Klabuhn for scanning the photos.

    Contact Information
    For additional copies or questions regarding this CD-ROM, you can send an email, phone or write to:

         DESY-Zeuthen              Fax:   +49 33762 77-501
         Platanenallee 6           Phone: +49 33762 77-500
         D-15738 Zeuthen           email:

    An archival web site is also available at:
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