Documents of the Plenary Sessions

Documents - Plenary Sessions
Topic Speaker from Documents
Opening Remarks Gensch, U. DESY
Java and Internet Computing Gage, J. Sun
Networking for HEP and ICFA Initiative Williams, D. CERN
Videoconferencing for HEP Newman, H. Caltech
Collaborative Computing Environmens for HEP Bunn, J. CERN
High Performance Computing and Archival Storage Systems - A Review of the situation in the USA Messina, P. Caltech
Computing at Major HEP sites / Introduction Butler, J. FNAL
Computing at KEK Morita, Y. KEK
Computing at CERN Robertson, L. CERN
Computing at DESY Ernst, M. DESY
Computing at FNAL Wolbers, S. FNAL
Computing at SLAC Mount, R. SLAC
Computing Models of Major HEP Experiments / Introduction Kasemann, M. DESY
Computing Model of BaBar Geddes, N. CCLRC
Computing Model of Belle Katayama, N. KEK
Computing Model of HeraB Albrecht, H. DESY
Computing Model of CMS Pimia, M. CERN
Computing Model of Atlas Knobloch, J. CERN
Computing Model of D0 and CDF Lammel, S. FNAL
Panel : Transition to OO / Introduction Bos, K. Nikhef Amsterdam
PHENIX Kozlowski, T. LANL
ATLAS Schaffer, A. C. LAL
BaBar Jacobsen, B LBL
GEANT4 & BaBar Allison, J. Univ. Manchester
A Software Engineering Service Center for Scientific Software Production Pawlitzek, G. DLR
PC's: facts, Figures and Forecasts Levin, S. Gartner Group
Models of Multiprocessor Computing Lenoski, D. SGI
Overview of LQCD Computing Tripiccione, R. INFN
Future HEP Computing Nash, T. FNAL
Future HEP Computing Loken, S. LBL
Future HEP Computing Rüden, W. v. GSI
Future HEP Computing Williams, D. CERN  
Future HEP Computing Mount, R. SLAC
Future HEP Computing Ernst, M. DESY  
Future HEP Computing Jacobsen, B. LBL