CHEPī97 Notes for Mac Users




Be sure to read the Read Me First (readme.htm) in the top level directory of the CD-ROM.

These pages were designed for Netscape Navigator 3.02 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 with a resolution of 1024x768 (minimal 800x600) and 65.536 colors (minimal 256).

In order to access the CD-ROM, you need a Web browser and helper applications. We have provided a list of internet sites where you can find a free browser, software to print postscript files and helper applications for the browser.

We recommend that you use the Internet Software from :

Netscape Navigator 3.02 Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02

Before navigating in CHEPī97 pages, please adapt the browser window to the displayed HTML page.

Ghostscript Viewer

You may use Ghostscript to display postscript files.


On the top of the page you will find an ftp-link to the Mac GS Viewer. There you can download the program MacGS-5.01.

Drop*PS Tool

The Drop*PS tool is a Postscript downloader for Macintosh. It allows one to send a postscript file to any network-connected Postscript printer.

It is available from Bare Bones Software, Inc..

To print a postscript file, drag the file and put it on top of Drop*PS icon and it will send the file to your default postscript printer.


Videos may be played by Quicktime 2.5 with the Quicktime MPEG Extension for Power Macintosh (Power Macintoshs only).

You may get it from the usual ftp sites, e.g.


Audios can be played by the LifeAudio plug in, which comes with netscape.

You may get it from the usual ftp sites, e.g.