Programme of the THERA meeting

DESY, Hamburg, 18./19. October 2000

Wednesday 18.10. 17.00-19.30 (big room below canteene)
M. Klein status and work towards the TDR (pdf-file)
A. Wagner remarks and welcome
A. Vogt QCD beyond NLO (ps-file)
W. van Neerven Precison tests of perturbative QCD at THERA (pdf-file)
evening (20.00): joint dinner
E. Levin After Dinner Talk (pdf-file)
Thursday 19.10. morning: parallel sessions
Heavy Flavours and Gamma (Sem. 5)
Low x (Sem. 1)
Detector and Machine (Sem. 3a)
Thursday 19.10. 14.00.-20.00 (big room below canteen)
progress reports from the working groups
E. Levin Low x
H. Jung QCD and Simulation (pdf-file)
M. Kuze High Q2 (pdf-file)
E. Perez High Q2
M. Krawczyk Structure of Photon (pdf-file)
J. Crittenden Diffractive Vector-Meson Photoproduction at High Momentum Transfer (ps-file)
L. Gladilin Progress from Heavy Flavours and Gamma Groups (pdf-file)
E. Rondio Polarization (pdf-file)
U. Katz Machine and Detector (pdf-file)

Doris Eckstein
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