Agenda of joint parallel session of Heavy Flavours, Gamma, Photon structure, QCD and MC simulation working groups.

Agenda 19.10. 10.00-13.00 5 .
L. Gladilin Opening remarks
N. Zotov (remotely) Heavy Flavours at THERA in semi-hard approach
H. Jung Heavy Flavours at THERA in CCFM approach
M. Krawczyk Heavy Flavours in ep collisions at THERA
S. Sultansoy Heavy Flavours at gamma options of THERA (scanned talk)
L. Gladilin x(gluon) with Heavy Flavours in ep and gamma-p collisions at THERA (scanned talk)
B. Levchenko Resolved photons at HERA and THERA (scanned talk)
H.Spiesberger for B.Pötter Dijet Production (ps-file)
NN Reports on MC simulation

Doris Eckstein
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