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THERA is an acronym symbolising a combination of TESLA and HERA. The plan is to scatter polarised electrons or positrons from the linear accelerator TESLA with energies of 250-800 GeV off protons with 500 GeV to 1 TeV from HERA. Deep inelastic ep collisions at centre-of-mass energies of 1-1.6 TeV can thus be recorded, with estimated annual luminosities between 40 and 250 pb-1. The THERA experiment may be placed at the intersection of TESLA and HERA located in the West Hall on the DESY site.
This web page collects information regarding the physics programme and the technical realisation of THERA which stems from a series of meetings in 2000 and from the writeup of the project in the context of the TESLA proposal early 2001. Further information can be obtained from Max Klein.
THERA Documents
The THERA Contribution to the TESLA TDR The THERA Book

Plots and Data for the TESLA Colloquium

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February 8./9. 2000 April 14./15. 2000 October 18./19. 2000 December 1., 2000
Talks in 2000 Talks in 2001
Organizational structure (Working groups, conveners)

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