Programme of the THERA meeting

DESY, Hamburg, 14/15.4.2000

Friday 14.4. .
10.00-13.00 Parallel Sessions

low x (Sem.Room 3)

Simulation (Sem.Room 5)

afternoon Plenary Session (Sem.Room 1) U. Katz (Bonn Univ)

- THERA - Options and Parameters (ps-file)

E. Levin (Tel Aviv)

- low x Physics - see parallel session

L. Loennblad (LUND)

- Monte Carlo Simulations (scanned talk)

A. Ciftci (Ankara)

- THERA Based gamma-p and gamma-A Colliders (ps-file)

S. Atag (Ankara)

- Anomalous Couplings at WW-Gamma Vertex in Gamma-p Collisions (scanned talk)

S. Sultansoy (Ankara)

- Future Lepton-Hadron and Gamma-Hadron Colliders (scanned talk)

M. Krawczyk (Warsaw)

- Photoproduction at THERA (scanned talk)

I. Ginzburg (Novosibirsk)

- Charge Asymmetry Odderons (ps-file)

Saturday 15.4. .
morning Plenary Session (Sem.Room 1) L. Gladilin (Moscow)

- Heavy Quarks at THERA (scanned talk)

E. Rondio (Warsaw)

- Polarized ep Physics (scanned talk)

M. Strikhman (MSU)

- New QCD Observables in eA (ps-file)

E. Perez (Saclay)

- Exotic and High Q2 at THERA (scanned talk)

M. Klein (Zeuthen)

- A few summarizing remarks (scanned talk)

Doris Eckstein
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