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My attempt to store and visualize GraviTrax® tracks

Download Game-MarbleRun(1.01)

Download run descriptions

Download gravi.exe for Windows(1.01 !!!)

A small video (see below) of a marble track using the lift extension demonstrates what can be done with GraviTrax®. New balls emerge from the lift in the lower left corner whenever the lift button is pressed. The build instruction for this track is contained in the zip file of run descriptions. These descriptions can be stored in a sqlite database and a human readable description can be generated using the program gravi contained in the perl package Game-MarbleRun. The program can also produce simple graphics like for the lift example showing the complete track and the elements on the ground plane only
top view of the marble run using a lift ground plane view
A detailed description in german and a less detailed english description of a compact notation for marble tracks is available. A quick reference card in English and in German is also included in the package. A short and a list of ChangeLog complete the list of available information.

There is also a git repository named marblerun at github where the development takes place.

For Windows users that do not want to install perl on their computers a precompiled binary is available. It does not respect the installed language.To output text in german you have to use the -l de switch. Please use the program at your own risk.

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