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an Integrated Tool for Automating Loop Calculations

General features

aITALC is designed as a tool to perform automated perturbative calculations of cross sections in high energy physics.

The main goal is to create numerical programs directly from Feynman rules. It is actually developed for few known models like the electroweak standard model (EWSM) and quantum electrodynamics (QED N_f=1), and the limit of application is, for the moment, the 2 to 2 particles reactions involving only external fermions

New Version 1.4, matches new form verion 3.2, 64bit support enhanced, more compatibility with fortran compilers.
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It is not a stand alone tool. It also integrates the work of other people to whom we want to acknowledge:

Diana 2.37 (by M.Tentyukov and J.Fleischer) and QGRAF 3.1 (by P.Nogueira)
FORM 3.2 (by J.Vermaseren)
LoopTools 2.2 (by T.Hahn) and FF (by G.J. van Oldenborgh)

Downloading (Code for GNU/Linux. For other Unixes cross fingers...)

Source tarball Tutorials
File Date Size
aitalc-1.4.tar.gz 17/07/2007 335KB
MD5: 73c53be5b9854f129707991a079e82e2
File Date Size
aitalc-1.4.ps.gz 17/07/2007 162KB
aitalc-1.4.pdf 17/07/2007 467KB
Older versions


Follow README instructions, what summarizes in doing: gunzip and untar the file with the command

gunzip -c aitalc-1.4.tar.gz | tar xvf -

then let "configure" search for the proper paths and system requirements and proceed with GNU "make".

cd aitalc-1.4
WGET=Y ./configure

Then, the package should be installed. Look inside the examples/ directory and run any of them with make to make the calculation!, for instance

cd examples/bhabha_QED
cd fortran


aITALC Flowchart

aITALC Control flow structure.

Known-bugs to version 1.4

On processes with weak charged currents at the tree-level, UV-cancellations are limited by effects of order of the external fermion mass squared over s. This has to be fixed if more precision is required.

Comment, suggestions, improvements, bugs: mail us!

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