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File Date Size
aitalc-1.3.1.tar.gz 26/09/2006 333KB
MD5: 804e8005dee82369a5031243d98464af
File Date Size
aitalc-1.3.1.ps.gz 27/09/2006 161KB
aitalc-1.3.1.pdf 27/09/2006 467KB
aitalc-1.3.tar.gz 04/09/2006 329KB
MD5: e93da6c8c33cac07550afd63aaf4a117
aitalc-1.3.ps.gz 04/09/2006 160KB
aitalc-1.3.pdf 04/09/2006 459KB
aitalc-1.2.1.tar.gz 09/08/2005 363KB
MD5: 18231e1c0b6b0bd72967ee8119ba60c2
aitalc-1.2.ps.gz 17/01/2005 199KB
aitalc-1.2.pdf 17/01/2005 464KB
aitalc-1.2.tar.gz 17/01/2005 363KB
MD5: fb5989c079fc44d1e714c4bc285ee22c
aitalc-1.2.ps.gz 17/01/2005 199KB
aitalc-1.2.pdf 17/01/2005 464KB
aitalc-1.1.tar.gz 07/12/2004 362KB
MD5: 55aa68fce83d4f7a403b9aba4262ec2e
aitalc-1.1.ps.gz 07/12/2004 198KB
aitalc-1.1.pdf 07/12/2004 460KB
aitalc-1.0.tar.gz 29/10/2004 361KB
MD5: 44706afcc7d3d894fbaf5cef6bb5fb44
aitalc-1.0.ps.gz 29/10/2004 197KB
aitalc-1.0.pdf 29/10/2004 457KB

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