Projects of the Multi-Messenger Group

  • Target of Opportunity: this project aims at coordinating quasi-simultaneous observations of interesting high energy neutrino events and high energy gamma-rays. On the one hand, this can increase the chance to discover sources of high energy neutrinos. On the other hand, in case of discovery of a clear neutrino signal, this approach would provide valuable information to understand the phenomenology of the sources. The idea was first presented at the 2005 Cherenkov conference in Palaiseau (see astro-ph/0509396). A test run has been implemented in 2006 in collaboration with the MAGIC group at Max-Plack in Munich (see icecube/200611003 ) and presentation at DPG 2007 . A discussion on the idea and its potential can be found here Too discussion

  • Gamma-Ray Data Collection: A large amount of public data from different experiments is being collected at the Gamma-Ray data archive page. These data can be combined and analyzed in order to learn more about the phenomenology of the observed objects. These informations are valuable in itself and for multi-messenger analyses. This work was presented at internal meetings and conferences (see here) and was summarized in a short note: highstate rate note (pdf).

  • Search for a time variable signal in AMANDA data: Different observations of neutrino source candidates yield a highly variable electromagnetic emission (flare-like behaviour). According to several models (and assuming a hadronic nature of the observed electromagnetic emission) one can expect a similar phenomenology of the neutrino emission from these sources. Unfortunately, the standard time-integrated analysis is not sensitive to such variable neutrino signals. Therefore a dedicated time variability analysis is developed with a higher sensitivity to the expected flare-like behaviour. The status of this analysis and algorithm developement is described here

  • Source catalog:

  • Monte Carlo Simulation:

  • Theses:
    • Robert Franke, Diploma thesis: A new Approach to the Search for Point-like Sources of Cosmic Neutrinos at PeV Energies with AMANDA-II

  • Seminars:
    • AT-icetray seminar . Presentations concerning IceCube software or other interesting software tools or projects.

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