This page is intended to provide a collection of combined gamma-ray lightcurves of variable objects from different experiments. For the first time in gamma-ray astronomy, we provide combined long-term lightcurves from different experiments in a unified standard data format. As more and more data become published, this data repository will grow.

Since no standard data format was used by most experiments in the past (and still is), we collected data in many different formats and converted them to the standard FITS format. Furthermore, no common definition of what data fields a lightcurve file should contain existed up to now. Therefore, we have developed the simple lightcurve format (SLF) definition, which defines the data fields needed for subsequent analyzes of lightcurve data. The SLF data field structure is defined here. For the contents definition of the data fields of the FITS files we use the SLF definition.

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Combined lightcurve plots

Combined data files

Here, we provide combined lightcurve files in FITS format. The data fields in the fits files comply to the SLF definition. The file versions are given by their creation date. When new data will be available, this table will be extended accordingly. Direct contributions of data in electronic form are welcome (send e-mail to us).
Objectfits fileslf file (ascii)VO Table format file
1ES 1959+650 1es1959+650_combined_lc_v0.2.fits 1es1959+650_combined_lc_v0.2.slf 1es1959+650_combined_lc_v0.2.xml (VOT)
Mrk 421 mrk421_combined_lc_v0.2.fits mrk421_combined_lc_v0.2.slf mrk421_combined_lc_v0.2.xml (VOT)
Mrk 501 mrk501_combined_lc_v0.2.fits mrk501_combined_lc_v0.2.slf mrk501_combined_lc_v0.2.xml (VOT)
PKS 2155-304 publication of large data set pending
M 87 m87_combined_lc_v0.2.fits m87_combined_lc_v0.2.slf m87_combined_lc_v0.2.xml (VOT)

SLF query interface

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mjd_mid_exp   mjd_start mjd_end int_flux σ_int_flux_stat σ_int_flux_sys
alpha σ_alpha_stat σ_alpha_sys e_thr e_cut
experiment duration reference f_flag

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A paper is in preparation and a link will be made available here upon publication.


MAGIC AGN-observation schedule 2005
HESS selected AGN-Observation windows 2006

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