Quick Reference Guide

Scientific Linux for DESY



  1. General remarks
  2. File directory and file system commands
  3. Shell and the shell environment
  4. Information on commands and files
  5. Processes
  6. Mail
  7. Printing
  8. Local information
  9. File manipulation
  10. Text editors and browsers
  11. Programming
  12. The AFS file system and Kerberos
  13. Local and remote login and access
  14. Internet (WWW, FTP, DNS)
  15. X window commands
  16. Desktop text processing (DTP)
  17. Graphics related programs
  18. Batch processing (LSF and SGE)
  19. Backup and archiving
  20. Command Index
Users at DESY can obtain a printed copy of this reference guide from the computing center.


fixed denotes text that you enter literally.
this means variable text, i.e. things you must fill in.
word is a UNIX command, alias or shell command.
RET denotes pressing a keyboard key.
[ ... ] denotes an optional part.
P...Z letters at the right margin) describe the command category:
(empty) command is contained in an RPM coming with the SL distribution
P open source program
L commercial licensed or registered program
S command is part of the shell (command interpreter)
F command can be used as filter (read from STDIN, write to STDOUT)
f command can be used as an input filter
A alias or function introduced to enhance UNIX command set
M command modified or configured for enhanced functionality
N new command to simplify interaction with UNIX
H available only in Hamburg
Z available only in Zeuthen

Version 1.22 (DESY) Apr 4, 2012

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