Future of HEP Computing

"Old Farts”:

Stu Loken

Wolfgang von Rüden

David Williams

Richard Mount

Roman Tirler (will be absent)

Tom Nash

Fresh new faces chosen by panel based on the talks at the conference:

Michael Ernst

Bob Jacobsen


In the distant past, computing in HEP was one of a few isolated examples of fields which were extremely demanding of computing and where computing was integrated in an essential way in the day to day workings of the field. HEP was thereby rather independent of computing in the broader world. Our experiments and labs built their own software, established their own networks, and at times even built specialized processing hardware.

One cannot define a moment when this situation changed. But it is clear today that HEP computing is now very much a creature of the tremendous movements that are taking place in commercially driven computing technology, the rapid spread of computing into a ubiquitous place, whether explicit or embedded, in much of the world's daily life. This panel will focus on how this ongoing revolution in the broader world of computing will impact computing within our field.