Neutrino physics and astrophysics (theory)
Walter Winter and Leonel Morejon
WS 2019/20


First meeting: 15.10.2019, 09:15, NEW 15 3'101
Lecture: Tue 9-11, NEW 15 3'101, tutorial: Thu 15-17, NEW 15 3'101

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important that you come to the first meeting, because contents (and possibly times) will be discussed.
If you want to participate in the lecture or tutorial and cannot come at that date, let me know before Oct. 15th (E-mail: walter.winter AT

- Further information here in due time -

Proposed contents:
Neutrino oscillations
Solar neutrinos, MSW effect
Neutrino masses and mixings
Neutrinos meet the Standard Model
Multi-messenger astroparticle physics
Radiation models for astrophysical sources
Hadronic interactions in astrophysical sources

Credit point requirements (6 ECTS):
Participation in bi-weekly tutorials (50% of points)
Oral examination
Reading assignment, presented in short talk at end of semester

Royal Swedish Academy of Science. The Nobel prize in physics 2015. Scientific background: neutrino oscillations
Carlo Giunti and Chung Kim. Fundamental of neutrino physics and astrophysics. Oxford
Martin Pohl. Einführung in die Hochenergieastrophysik. Shaker
Gaisser, Engel and Resconi. Cosmic rays and particle physics. Cambridge
Malcolm Longair. High-energy astrophysics, vol. 1 (particles, photons and their detection). Cambdrige
Walter Winter. Neutrinos from Cosmic Accelerators including Magnetic Field and Flavor Effects, Adv. High Energy Phys. (2012) 586413

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