Martin Karl Wilhelm Pohl

Theoretical Astroparticle Physics, DESY Zeuthen, and
Institut für Physik und Astronomie, Universität Potsdam       Tel: (Zeuthen) +49 33762 77484     (Potsdam) +49 331 9775926
Secretary in Potsdam: Ines Tietgen      Tel: +49 331 977 1601

Research area and CV

Group Website at DESY in Zeuthen or Group Website at Potsdam University

List of publications on Web of Science   and books


              SS 24:  Lecture Astroparticle Physics, Seminar Astroparticle physics
                Further details are found here

Kinetic modelling of space plasma with energetic particles:

               Program description for 2021
               Review paper on PIC simulations

Observing very-high-energy gamma rays

              TeV gamma-ray astronomy with VERITAS
              Science with CTA
              Introductory video of CTA

Publicly available data and support

                Gamma-ray production matrices for cosmic-ray nucleons
                Lepton production matrices for cosmic-ray nucleons
                3D model of the molecular-gas distribution in the Galaxy