F S T   a n d   B S T   s i m u l a t i o n
     Last updated     by   Thomas Naumann

The FST and BST simulations are coded in the H1SIM cvs repository in the decks

h1sim/gea_cent/cdet.F       define active volumes
h1sim/gea_cent/cgeom.F      call f/bsgeom
h1sim/gea_cent/fsgeom.F     define FST geometry and dead material
h1sim/gea_cent/bsgeom.F     define BST

h1sim/gea_user/gedepo.F     make geant hits

h1sim/dig_cent/cdigi.F      call f/bsdigi
h1sim/dig_cent/fsdigi.F     define FST digitisation
h1sim/dig_cent/bsdigi.F     define BST

The FST and BST geometry is given in the banks FGAS and BGAS.
The dead material of the FST is coded in the CGDF bank.

Resolution, efficiencies and noise levels of the FST and BST u,v
as well as r and pad detectors are given in the digitisation banks FDSS and BDSS.

The GEANT space hits of the  FST u,v and r detectors go to the banks FSUT,FSVT,FSRT
and of the BST to the BRST bank.

For a complete overview over the FST and BST steering and output banks
see the bank overview.

The results of the BST simulation with 16 um resolution, 95% efficiency
and 0.001 noise occupancy can be checked in the BSTREC monitor plots.

Look at the simulated FST and BST in

  •  GEANT  FST and BST  simulation graphics

  • Reconstructed FST hits and tracks are shown in

  •  H1ED  FST  simulation + reconstruction