F S T   a n d    B S T    b a n k s

Thomas Naumann

   In the H1 software we have:

   1. input steering banks  and
   2. output data banks

for both

   a. simulation   and
   b. reconstruction .

   A default version of the  i n p u t   s t e e r i n g   banks is put
   as a text bank to the H1TEXT CMZ file which also contains comments on
   the meaning of the steering parameters. Any other book keeping of the
   steering banks is done via the H1 data base by run dependent data and
   MC versions.

    O u t p u t   d a t a   banks (MC and real) are described by the H1
   data definition language DDL in the cvs repository /h1/h1banks/H1Banks.
   A DDL file is extracted from this and used for object-oriented access
   by e.g. the H1 event display.

   I now briefly describe the banks used in BST and FST simulation and

1.    Input steering banks

     Bank    Content                                    DB Versions

     *GAS    geometry                                   Data  MC
     *STM    electronic mapping detectors-PPCs          Data
     *ETA    eta distribution                           Data
     *SSW    dead strip/APC/detectors                   Data  MC
     *STA    alignment                                  Data   0
     *RSS    reconstruction steering                    Data  MC
     *DSS    digitization steering                      Data  MC
     CGD*    dead material                                    MC
     BSTU    alignment u                                Data  MC
     BALI    BDC+SPC alignment                          Data  MC

   Fetch the *GAS geometry banks according to the MC configuration flag !

2.    Output data banks

They are described inthe cvs repository /h1/h1banks/H1Banks/silicon .
   The full H1 DDL file is in               /h1/h1banks/H1Banks/h1banks.ddl ,
   the silicon DDL         in               /h1/h1banks/silicon.ddl .

     Bank    Content                             points toparallel to

2.1.    S i m u l a t i o n

     FSUT    FST  u space hits                   STR
     FSVT         v                              STR
     FSRT         r                              STR

     FSUX    FST  u pointers                     STR, FRSE
     FSVX         v                              STR, FRSE
     FSRX         r                              STR, FRSE

     BRST    BST    space hits                   STR

     BRSX    BSTu,v pointers                   STR, BRSE
     BRPX         pad pointer                    STR, BRPE

2.2.    R e c o n s t r u c t i o n

2.2.1    H i t s

     SIFE    *ST    FST+BST+CSTSi strip raw hit banks

     FRSE    FST    digitization

     BRSE    BST u,v digitization
     BRPE    BST    pad digitization

     FRXT    FST    reconstructed 3D hits
     BRXT    BST    reconstructed 3D hits

     FSPX    FST    circular pointers            next  hit in FJKT     FRSE
     BSPX    BST    circular pointers            next  hit in BJKT     BRSE

2.2.2      T r a c k s

   Bank names and contents are defined as close as possible to the 
   central tracker conventions (* = C,F,B) :

   The *JKR tracks are the not vertex fitted tracks
   containing the helix 5-vector (1/r,phi,theta,dca,z0).

   The *JKV vertex absorbs the dca and z0 of the fitted tracks
   in its (x,y) and z coordinates   so that 

   The *JKT vertex fitted tracks contain only
   the momentum 3-vector (1/r,phi,theta)   as well as
   pointers to the mother vertex  and to the unfitted track.

     FJKR    FST    track                        first hit in FSPX
     BJKR    BST    track                        first hit in BSPX

     FJKT    FST    track   vertex fitted        FJKV, FJKR
     BJKT    BST    track   vertex fitted        BJKV, BJKR

2.2.3      V e r t i c e s

     FJKV    FST    improved CSKV vertex         FJKT   mother track
     BJKV    BST    improved CSKV vertex         BJKT   mother track

   An overview over the data stream (horizontal arrows ->) and the
structure (boxes) of the FST and BST software is given below.
   The steering
enters vertically (|).

        CGDF              FDSS                      FRSS
        FGAS              FGAS                      FGAS
         |                 |                         |
       ------    FSUT    ------    FSUX            ------                    ------

       ------    FSRT    ------    FSRX         |  ------                    ------ -> FJKV
                                                |    |
                         ------                 |   FSSW
                 SIFE -> FSTHIT ---------> FRSE |   FSTA

        CGDB              BDSS                      BRSS
        BGAS              BGAS                      BGAS
         |                 |                         |
       ------            ------                    ------                 -----
       ------            ------    BRPX    BRPE |  ------                    ------ -> BJKV
                                         |   |
                         ------                 |   BSSW
                 SIFE -> BSTHIT ---------> BRSE |   BSTA

   The relations between vertex fitted and unfitted tracks and the vertex are:

        *JKR  <---   *JKT   --->   *JKV   --->  *JKT
                            mother vertex    mother track (0 if primary)

   The relations between simulated tracks STR, simulated space hits *S*T,
   digitized hits *R*E and pointers *S*X are:

         -----                     -----                     -----
          CJC                       BST                       FST
         -----                     -----                     ----- 

   STR <- CRJX -> CRJE       STR <- BR*X -> BR*E       STR <- FS*X -> FRSE
    |                         |                         |
   CRJT                      BRST     *=S,P            FS*T    *=U,V,R