B S T   a n d   F S T   e v e n t s
Last updated            by  Thomas Naumann

    New:   Backward scattered positron  in the   FST !


Follow the links to see the full picture gallery in gif and PS formats !

The file naming convention is :

bst.ra.rxxxxx.eyyyyy.ps.gz    for

run xxxxx, event yyyyy
ra, sa   for radial or side view
bw       for b/w instead of color (default)

  • H1ED  X dump  black background

  •    BST 1   BST 2
  • H1ED  standard white background

  • BST1


  • H1ED  satellite bunch long tracks

  •   NEW: passing 8 planes of BST 1+2 in 1999 minimum bias run


  • H1ED  BFST simulation + reconstruction

  • GEANT BFST simulation graphics