The XSummer package is written by S. Moch and P. Uwer. It provides expansions of transcendental functions and performs symbolic summation in FORM.

The files for the XSummer package can be downloaded here as Xsummer1.0.tar.gz (104kB) or Xsummer1.0.zip (128kB). See also Tools & Toys for Phenomenology of Elementary Particle Physics at the Humboldt-University at Berlin. The current version is 1.0.

Bug fixes in src here. srcv1.1.tar.gz (26kB).

The XSummer manual is available from Comput. Phys. Commun. or the e-print Archive:

- XSummer - Transcendental Functions and Symbolic Summation in FORM.
By S. Moch, P. Uwer.
Published in Comput.Phys.Commun.174:759-770,2006
e-Print Archive: math-ph/0508008

XSummer implements the algorithms of original reference:

Nested Sums, Expansion of Transcendental Functions and Multiscale Multiloop Integrals.
By S. Moch, P. Uwer, S. Weinzierl.
Published in J.Math.Phys.43:3363-3386,2002
e-Print Archive: hep-ph/0110083

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