Water Rockets

How it works

With a plain pop bottle and an initial pressure of about 6 bar heights of about 50 m can be reached. Pop bottles are designed to stand pressures of up to 12 bar. Adding fins for stabilisation and a aerodynamically formed nose cone to reduce the air resistance, easily increases the maximum heights achievable by a factor of two or more.

The world record at present is more than 300 m !!!         Can you reach or even beat this?

Water Rockets are educational and competitions are fun events. Pupils or students construct and optimise rockets and compete for the best performance, either at home or at local or national competitions with other rocket enthusiasts.

As heights are difficult to measure precisely, usually rockets are fired at an angle and the distance from launch to landing is measured, or the total time in air is recorded. To prevent damage of the elaborate rockets, parachutes or wings can be attached which unfold at the maximum height to initiate a slow and safe decent back to ground.

There are lots of sites on Water Rockets on the internet with photographs, explanations, simulations, information on launch pads, fins, parachutes, multi-stage rockets, championships ... It's a real industry !

Search in any search engine for:     “water” + "rocket”

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+++    BBC "Bang goes the Theory" feature on Water Rockets  +++http://www.bbc.co.uk/bang/handson/waterbottlerockets.shtml