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Collaboration: DESY - RISC Linz

Advanced Summation Techniques and their Applications in Quantum Field Theory

Mission :

Perturbative higher order calculations in Quantum Field Theories rely on advanced analytic summation and integration techniques in certain classes of sums and transcendental functions. Various probelms lead to difference equations in Π-Σ fields. The collaboration between Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron, DESY, Zeuthen and RISC at Johannes Kepler University, Linz aims on further development of these technologies, innovative search for new methods and the creation of efficient tools based on Computer Algebra. Beyond the application of these methods, algorithms and tools in Quantum Field Theory, these methods may be of interest in other fields, such as number theory (multiple zeta values, irrationality proofs, theory of periods, new relations between sums), general summation and analytic integration methods. A cooperation contract between both institutions was signed in February 2007. This contract has been prolonged for five years in February 2012.
Both sites also host nodes of the EU Network: LHCPhenoNet.

Team :

DESY : J. Blümlein, S. Moch (U. Hamburg), T. Riemann; I. Bierenbaum (U. Hamburg), A. De Freitas, S. Klein (RWTH Aachen), C. Raab, F. Wißbrock
RISC : P. Paule, M. Kauers, C. Schneider; J. Ablinger, A. Hasselhuhn, M. Round, F. Stan (Paris)

Publications :

1. I. Bierenbaum, J. Blümlein, S. Klein, (DESY), C. Schneider (RISC),
Difference Equations in Massive Higher Order Calculations,
arXiv:0707.4659 [math-ph],DESY-07-111, SFB-CPP-07-041, Technical Report No. 2007-19 SFB F013 (Austria), PoS (ACAT 2007) 082, (2007).

2. S. Moch (DESY), C. Schneider (RISC),
Feynman integrals and difference equations,
arXiv:0709.1769 [math-ph], DESY-07-138, SFB-CPP-07-050, Technical Report No. 2007-22 (Austria), PoS (ACAT 2007) 083, (2007).

3. I. Bierenbaum, J. Blümlein, S. Klein, (DESY), C. Schneider (RISC)
Two-Loop Massive Operator Matrix Elements for Unpolarized Heavy Flavor Productions to O(ε),
arXiv:0208.0273 [hep-ph], DESY-08-029, SFB-CPP-08-16, Technical Report No. 2008-04 (Austria), Nucl. Phys. B803 (2008) 1-41.

4. J. Blümlein (DESY), M. Kauers (RISC), S. Klein, (DESY), C. Schneider (RISC)
From Moments to Functions in Quantum Chromodynamics,
arXiv:0902.4095 [hep-ph], DESY-09-011, SFB-CPP-09-17, PoS (ACAT 2009) 106, (2009).

5. J. Blümlein (DESY), M. Kauers (RISC), S. Klein, (DESY), C. Schneider (RISC)
Determining the closed form of the O(αs3) anomalous dimensions and Wilson coefficients from Mellin moments by means of computer algebra
arXiv:0902.4091 [hep-ph], DESY-09-002, SFB-CPP-09-22, Comput. Phys. Commun. 190 (2009) 2143-2165.

6. J. Ablinger (RISC), J. Blümlein (DESY), S. Klein, (RWTH Aachen), C. Schneider (RISC)
Modern Summation Methods and the Computation of 2- and 3-loop Feynman Diagrams
arXiv:1006.4797 [math-ph], DESY-10-090, SFB-CPP-10-53, TTK-10-37, Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl. 205-206 (2010) 110-115.

7. J. Ablinger (RISC), I. Bierenbaum (Valencia), J. Blümlein (DESY), A. Hasselhuhn (DESY), S. Klein, (RWTH Aachen), C. Schneider (RISC), F. Wißbrock (DESY)
Heavy Flavor DIS Wilson coefficients in the asymptotic regime
arXiv:1007.0375 [hep-ph], DESY-10-093, SFB-CPP-10-58, TTK-10-38, Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl. 205-206 (2010) 242-249.

8. J. Ablinger (RISC), J. Blümlein (DESY), S. Klein, (RWTH Aachen), C. Schneider (RISC), F. Wißbrock (DESY)
The O(αs3) Massive Operator Matrix Elements of O(nf) for the Structure Function F2(x,Q2) and Transversity.
arXiv:1008.3347 [hep-ph], DESY-10-109, TTK-10-46, SFB-CPP-10-077, Nucl.Phys. B844 (2011) 26-54.

9. J. Blümlein (DESY), S. Klein, (RWTH Aachen), C. Schneider (RISC), F. Stan (RISC)
A Symbolic Summation Approach to Feynman Integral Calculus
arXiv:1011.2656 [cs.SC], DESY-10-185, TTK-10-49, SFB-CPP-10-107, J. Symb. Comput. 47 (2012) 1267-1289.

10. J. Ablinger (RISC), J. Blümlein (DESY), C.Schneider (RISC)
Harmonic Sums and Polylogarithms Generated by Cyclotomic Polynomials DESY 11-033, D0-TH 11/12, SFB/CPP-11-24, LPN 11/24, J. Math. Phys. 52 (2011) 102301.

11. J. Ablinger (RISC), J. Blümlein (DESY), S. Klein (RWTH Aachen), C.Schneider (RISC), F. Wißbrock (DESY)
3-Loop Heavy Flavor Corrections to DIS with two Massive Fermion Lines.
arXiv:1106.5937, DESY 11-104, DO-TH 11/17, LPN 11-35, SFB/CPP-11-34, TTK--11--21, Proc. DIS 2011, Newport News, USA.

12. J. Ablinger (RISC), J. Blümlein (DESY), A. Hasselhuhn (DESY), S. Klein (RWTH), C. Schneider (RISC), F. Wißbrock (DESY)
New Heavy Flavor Contributions to the DIS Structure Function F2(x,Q2) at O(αs3)
arXiv: 1202.2700 [hep-ph], DESY 10--065, DO--TH 12/05, SFB/CPP-12-09, LPN 12--036, PoS (Radcor 2011) 031.

13. J. Blümlein (DESY), A. Hasselhuhn (DESY), C. Schneider (RISC)
Evaluation of Multi-Sums for Large Scale Problems
arXiv:1202.4303 [math-ph], DESY 10--247, DO--TH 12/06, SFB/CPP-12-13, LPN 12--038, PoS (Radcor 2011) 032.

14. J. Blümlein (DESY), A. Hasselhuhn (DESY), S. Klein (RWTH), C. Schneider (RISC)
The O(O(αs3 nf TF2C_F,a) Contributions to the Gluonic Massive Operator Matrix Elements,
arXiv:1205.4184 [hep-ph], DESY 12-055, DO-TH-12/13, SFB/CPP-12-28, LPN 12-052, Nucl. Phys. {B866} (2013) 196-212

15. J. Ablinger (DESY,RISC), J. Blümlein (DESY), A. Hasselhuhn (DESY), S. Klein (RWTH), C. Schneider (RISC), F. Wißbrock (DESY)
Massive 3-loop Ladder Diagrams for Quarkonic Local Operator Matrix Elements,
arXiv:1206.2252 [hep-ph], DESY 12-056, DO-TH-12/17, SFB/CPP-12-37, LPN 12-055, Nucl.Phys. B864 (2012) 52-84.

16. J. Ablinger (DESY,RISC), J. Blümlein (DESY), M. Round (RISC), C. Schneider (RISC)
Advanced Computer Algebra Algorithms for the Expansion of Feynman Integrals
arXiv:1210.1685 [cs.SC], DESY 12-164, DO-TH-12/30, SFB/CPP-12-73, LPN 12-104, PoS(LL2012)050.

17. J. Ablinger (RISC), J. Blümlein (DESY), A. De Freitas (DESY), A. Hasselhuhn (RISC), S. Klein (RWTH), C. Schneider (RISC), F. Wißbrock (DESY)
New Results on the 3-Loop Heavy Flavor Wilson Coefficients in Deep-Inelastic Scattering
arXiv:1212.5950 [hep-ph], DESY 12-247, DO-TH-12/39, SFB/CPP-12-104, LPN 12-141, PoS(ICHEP2012)270.

18. J. Ablinger (RISC), J. Blümlein (DESY), A. De Freitas (DESY), A. Hasselhuhn (RISC), S. Klein (RWTH), C. Raab (DESY), M. Round (RISC), C. Schneider (RISC), F. Wißbrock (DESY)
Three-Loop Contributions to the Gluonic Massive Operator Matrix Elements at General Values of N,
arXiv:1212.6823 [hep-ph], DESY 12-232, DO-TH 12/38, SFB/CPP-12-106, LPN12-142, PoS(LL2012)033.

Related Theses :

1. S. Klein (DESY), Diploma Thesis:
"Heavy Flavor Coefficient Functions in Deep-Inelastic Scattering at O(αs2) and Large Virtualities", Potsdam University, October 2006 (.pdf)
Heraeus-Prize 2007

2. J. Ablinger (RISC), Diploma Thesis:
"A Computer Algebra Toolbox for Harmonic Sums Related to Particle Physics", Johannes Kepler University Linz, February 2009, 2] arXiv:1011.1176 [math-ph] (.pdf)

3. S. Klein (DESY), PhD-Thesis:
"Mellin Moments of Heavy Flavor Contributions to F2(x,Q2) at NNLO", Dortmund University, September 2009, arxiv:0910.3101 [hep-ph] (.pdf)
German Physical Society Dissertation Prize 2011

4. F. Wißbrock (DESY), Diploma-Thesis:
"O(αs3 TF2 NF) Contributions to the Heavy Flavor Wilson Coefficients of the Structure Function F2(x,Q2) at Q2 >> m2", Free University Berlin, June 2010, arxiv:1010.4251 [hep-ph] (.pdf)

5. F. Stan (RISC), PhD-Thesis:
"Algorithms for Special Functions: Computer Algebra and Analytical Aspects", Johannes Kepler University Linz, July 2010 (.pdf)

6. J. Ablinger (RISC), PhD-Thesis:
"Computer Algebra Algorithms for Special Functions in Particle Physics", Johannes Kepler University Linz, April 2012 (.pdf)

News and Press:

July 2012: LHCPHENOnet School

June 2012: Das Universum symbolisch errechnen, Der Standard, Wien

February 2012: Contract DESY-RISC prolongated until 2017

October 2009: prestigious START-Preis awarded to Manuel Kauers

February 2007: Collaboration Contract RISC-DESY signed

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