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Bhabha scattering was one of the first scattering processes ever calculated. The reference is:
H. J. Bhabha, "The Scattering of Positrons by Electrons with Exchange on Dirac's Theory of the Positron", Proc. Roy. Soc. A154 (1936) 195.
For a view on few pages of the article, click here: p.195, p.202, p.206.
We are calculating quantum corrections to Bhabha scattering in QED and also in the electroweak Standard Model.
For a precise prediction of the small angle Bhabha cross section at a future linear collider, one has to calculate the electroweak corrections to 1-loop order and the QED corrections to 2-loop order.
The status of the projects is described in recent talks given at

QED 2-Loop Corrections

M. Czakon, J. Gluza, T.Riemann

For a description of our activities around the massive 2-loop corrections in QED, go here.

1-Loop Corrections in the Standard Model

J. Fleischer, A. Lorca, T. Riemann

For a description of our activities around the 1-loop corrections, go here.

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