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Thursday, June 26 Neutrino Physics
THAT01 Evidence for Neutrino Oscillations from KamLand B. Fujikawa
THAT02 Latest News from SNO K. Graham
THAT03 Nuclear Processes at Solar Energy Scale C. Broggini
Coffee Break
THAT04 Solar Neutrinos: An Overview J. Bahcall
THAT05 Neutrino Oscillations: a Global Analysis G. Fogli
Astro- and Astroparticle Physics
THBT01 Status of Observational Cosmology and Inflation L. Covi
THBT02 Gamma Ray Astrophysics
S. Ritz
Searches for New Phenomena
THCT01 Direct Dark Matter Searches W. Seidel
THCT02 Searches for New Particles at the Energy Frontier at Tevatron P. Verdier

June 27
Flavour Physics
FRAT01 Measurement of Angle beta and B Mixing K. Abe
FRAT02 Measurement of Angle alpha and Rare Hadronic B Decays Y. Pan
FRAT03 Probing the Standard Model with Electroweak Penguin B Decays S. Dasu
FRAT04 Measurement of CKM Elements and the Unitarity Triangle B. Golob
Poster Session and Coffee
FRAT05 Recent Measurements from Bs, Lambdab and Charm Decays F. Azfar
FRAT06 New Perspectives for Lattice B-Physics R. Sommer
FRAT07 New Physics from Kaon Decays R. Wanke
FRAT08 Recent Results on Light Mesons Physics C. Bini

Saturday, June 28 QCD
SAAT01 The Observation of the new Ds States A. Palano
SAAT02 Heavy Quarkonia Spectroscopy and Decays H. Mahlke-Krüger
SAAT03 Heavy Ion Physics R. Snellings
Coffee Break
SAAT04 Heavy Flavour Production with Leptons and Hadrons M. Wing
SAAT05 Quarkonia Production with Leptons and Hadrons V. Papadimitriou
SAAT06 Jet Physics at Tevatron I. Bertram
SAAT07 Hard Processes in ep Scattering H. Schultz-Coulon
SAAT08 QCD at e+ e- Experiments K. Hamacher
Electroweak Precision Physics
SABT01 Top and Electroweak Physics from Tevatron M. Kruse
SABT02 W Physics at LEP E. Barberio
SABT03 g-2 E. Sichtermann


June 27
FRAP01 Jonghee Yoo A study of short-time Periodic Variation of the 8B Solar Neutrino Flux at Super-Kamiokandev
FRAP02 Omer Yavas Future Lepton-Hadron Colliders
FRAP03 Michael Unger Measurement of the atmospheric muon spectrum from 40 to 2000 GeV/c with the L3+C detector
FRAP04 O.N.Shekhovtsova Radiative Events in DIS of Unpolarized Electrons by Tensor-polarized Deuterons
FRAP05 Rudolf Faustov Hyperfine Splitting and Leptonic Decay Rates in Heavy Quarkonia
FRAP06 Dmitriy Anipko Monte Carlo Simulation of Exclusive Channels in e+e- Annihilation at Low Energy
FRAP07 Borislav Pavlov CMS Resistive Plate Chambers - Tests and Results
FRAP08 Armine Rostomyan Measurement of Transversity at HERMES
FRAP09 Javi Fernandez Final results from DELPHI on the searches for SM and MSSM Neutral Higgs bosons
FRAP10 Marek Kowalski Search for exotic particles with the Amanda Neutrino Telescope
FRAP11 I. Marfin et al. Study of Boson Vertices at Photon Colliders in the Standard Model and Beyond
FRAP12 Carlos Garcia Canal et al. NLO Scale Dependence of Semi-Inclusive Processes
FRAP13 Sandra Horvat Precision Drift Chambers for the ATLAS Muon Spectrometer
FRAP14 Lutz Bornschein KATRIN - Direct Measurement of Neutrino Masses in the Sub-eV Region
FRAP15 Hubert Simma APE Computers for Simulations in Lattice Gauge Theory
FRAP16 Ullrich Schwanke Status of the H.E.S.S. Experiment
FRAP17 Joern Grosse-Knetter Construction and Tests of Modules for the ATLAS Pixel Detector
FRAP18 Ermanno Imbergamo et al. Relevant Results from the NA48 Experiment
FRAP19 Winfried A. Mitaroff New CKM-related Studies on b-Decays in the DELPHI Experiment at LEP
FRAP20 L. Gutay Experimental Evidence for Deconfined Quark-Gluon Hadronic Matter in p antip Collisions at 1.8 TeV
FRAP21 Manjit Kaur Measurement of the Strong Coupling Constant at e+e- Annihilations at LEP
FRAP22 M. Czakon Full Two Loop Electroweak Corrections to the Muon Decay Lifetime

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