Agenda of Simulation Meeting
in St Malo,
Sunday, 16:30 - 19:00

Title Speaker Time
Introduction T. Behnke 10'
Proposed coding standards T. Haas / R. Gerhards 15'
Status of GEANT4 work in american study N. Graf 15'
A generic geometry description language H. Videau 15'
A persistency model T. Haas 15'
Using root for persistency N. Graf 15'
Status Mokka J.C.Brient/ H. Videau 15'
An Event Display for Calorimeters S. Monteil 15'
Status Brahms T. Behnke 15'
Status Simdet H.J. Schreiber 15'
Status SGV M. Berggren 15'

Please note that the session is already very full. To stay within the allocated times, speakers are asked to keep to their times.