TESLA Simulation meeting

CERN, November 15/16 2001

Minutes of the meeting
Ties Behnke Introduction
Grahame Blair Beamline Simulations in GEANT4
Norman Graf Simulation Framework in the US study
Paulo M.de Freitas MOKKA
Paulo M.de Freitas Interfaces in MOKKA
Ralf Gerhards GEANT4 activities at DESY
Ties Behnke BRAHMS and SIMDET
Mikael Beggren SGV Status
Henri Videau Issues for fast simulations
J.Apostolakis Introduction into GEANT4
C.Bozzi GEANT 4 in BABAR
P.Arce GEANT 4 in CMS
D.Barberis GEANT 4 in ATLAS
P.Arce GEANT 4 in HARP
R.Brun Alice Simulation Architecture
F.Carminati ALICE tests with G4 Physics
R.Brun Root - News and Prospects
A.Pfeiffer Anaphe - News and Prospects
N.Graf The JAS framework
Ties Behnke Discussion on interfaces
Ralf Gerhards Discussion on software tools
Ties Behnke Summary