SIMDET - A Fast Simulation Tool for Linear Collider Detector Studies
Development area

Last update - March, 24th  2010


Starting with this release the Simdet repository is provided here only as a CVS module Simdet
which now is moved to a CVN module

All further modifications and development as well as later bug fixes are done only herein.

For latest changes look at the file CHANGELOG in the Simdet directory via CVSWEB.

The installation has been tested on following platforms: Linux, HP-UX, SunOS 5.*, OSF1 V5.*.
It requires gmake (version 3.79 or higher) and cernlib 2001 or newer.


WEB access to the Simdet repository
It enables also the download of a zipped tarball of the actual development or one of the earlier releases.

Sources for Gamma Gamma Background Studies are given here.

Generator output from other event generators should use the fortran routine LCWRITE using the HepEvt convention.


SIMDET V4 Development - Users Guide
Print Version: ps.gz.


September 19, 2005: Simdet for AMD64/EM64T

Using the 64 bit version of cernlib 2005 a 64 bit version of Simdet has been tested on a dual opteron architecture with Scientific Linux 3 (including a 64 bit version of LCIO).

April 13, 2005: The option to write lcio output is now included in the global steering of Simdet.

A new "datacard" key LCIO is intruduced. If it is set to 1 an lcio output file will be written. But to activate it have in mind that Simdet has to be configured with the "--with-lcio" feature.

May 4, 2004: clean up of pythia interface, support for x86_64 Architectures, sistor improved

Simdet has been tested on SuSE Linux 9.0 (x86-64) (dual opteron platform),
sr. sistor has been improved in cases of mismeasured charge of a particle.

February 23, 2004: Windows/Cygwin platform support included, default for PYTHIA changed to vsn 6.2(05)

modifications of the installation procedure to include Windows/Cygwin platform support,
include file for PYTHIA  COMMON /LUDAT3/  adapted to PYTHIA 6.2 (cernlib 2002/2003).
The Simdet installation was checked on Windows XP / CYGWIN_NT-5.1 with gcc version 3.3.1 (cygming special).

December 4, 2003: Bug corrected in silowt.F due to an incorrect treatment of edge efficiency calculations,

modifications of the installation procedure to avoid to much output to the terminal window unless an environment variable "VERBOSE" is defined,
some decks in the StdHep package have been modified to avoid compiler warning messages.

July 28, 2003: Modifications after Simdet release Rel-4-0-3:

Th. Kuhls modifications concerning tracking on helix have been included.
A new subdirectory siuser is added which now contains all example 'card files', an input file in stdhep format, and in the subdirectory code_f the subroutine siuser.
Now the executables simdet.bin and sianal.bin are moved to the subdirectory siuser and all the results of a "gmake test" are in it.
The installation procedure has been improved (better resolving of dependencies in the Makefile).
The subdirectory data now is obsolete.


Release Release tag Date Remarks
First Release Rel-4-0-1 June 5, 2002 see the Release Notes
Second Release Rel-4-0-2 September 20, 2002 see the Release Notes
Third Release Rel-4-0-3 June 28, 2003 see the Release Notes
Fourth Release simdet-4-1-0 December 1, 2004 see the Release Notes
Fifth Release simdet-4-1-1 December 1, 2004 see the Release Notes
Sixth Release simdet-4-1-2 August 22, 2005 see the Release Notes

Release Notes

Simdet first release Rel-4-0-1 (05/06/2002)

Simdet V401 (05/06/02)

Simdet release Rel-4-0-2 (20/09/02)

Simdet release Rel-4-0-3 (28/05/2003)

Simdet release simdet-4-1-0 (01/12/2004)

Simdet release simdet-4-1-1 (01/12/2004)

Simdet release simdet-4-1-2 (22/08/2005)