Polarimetry at the ILC


Selected References:

Physics Motivation:

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Depolarisation at IP:

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Other notes:

  1. Polarisation measurements with annihilation data  
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    Proceedings of LCWS 2004
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  1. Polarization Studies: Comparison of e+e- and e-e- for NLC and TESLA
    Mike Woods talk at LCWS2004 Paris April 2004
  2. Polarimetry at th ILC
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  3. Physics Motivation for polarised e- and e+ Beams 
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  4. Polarimeter studies for TESLA
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  5. Measuring beam polarisation with e+e- interactions at high energy
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  6. Precision Electron Beam Polarimetry workshop at JLAB June 2003

Global resources:

  1. World-wide Study for ILC Physics and Detectors
  2. LC Beam Delivery Group
  3. MDI workshop at SLAC
  4. Discussion at the Linear Collider Forum and its Polarimetry part

Regional resources:

  1. The US beam instrumentation group
  2. The European BDIR page
  3. ACFA-FFIR group (polarisation part)

Last Updated:  December 7, 2004
Klaus Mönig