Vendor Session


The Vendor Session was events at the CHEPī97 conference that gave manufacturers and software companies the opportunity to both explain and demonstrate their products.
Companies at the leading edge of Information Technology displayed and/or demonstrated their equipment, systems, software, services, literature, or other products of importance for CHEPī97 attendees in an informal "walk-up and talk" setting..

Vendor Session Monday April 7, 1997
(15:30-16:30) and (17:00-18:00)
Time Topic Presenter Company Documents
15:30-15:45 Towards Teraflops, Petabytes and Terabits/sec : IBM Solutions for the High Energy Physics Research Community Porta, J. J. IBM Deutschland Informationssysteme GmbH
15:45-16:00 Data Storage Requirements & Trends Sobol, G. Storage Tek Corporation
16:00-16:15 High Performance Data Storage Solutions Mehnen, W. Grau Storage Systems
16:15-16:30 Digital in High Performance Technical Computing Gillot, D. Digital Equipment Corporation  
17:00-17:15 Technology pathways into future QSW scalable parallel systems Marchi, C. A. Quadrics Supercomputers World Ltd., Roma
17:30-17:45 Origin2000: The Revolution in High-End Server Scalability Mertz, W. Silicon Graphics / Cray Research GmbH
17:45-18:00 High Performance Computing at Sun Kreutz, R. Sun Microsystems GmbH

Vendor Session Wednesday April 9, 1997
Time Topic Presenter Company Documents
17:40-18:00 Network Computers and Desktop Video Herkert, S. Tektronix Deutschland