Audio Sequences

Plenary Sessions
Topic Speaker Source Documents
Opening Remarks Gensch, U. (DESY) Audio, AU, 14.037KB, 21 minutes 43 seconds
Java and Internet Computing Gage, J. (Sun) Audio, AU, 25.336KB, 39 minutes 13 seconds
Models of Multiprocessor Computing Lenoski, D. (SGI) Audio, AU, 26.084KB, 40 minutes 23 seconds
Overview of LQCD Computing Tripiccione, R. (INFN) Audio, AU, 25.349KB, 39 minutes 14 seconds
PC's: Facts, Figures and Forecasts Levin, S. (Gartner Group) Audio, AU, 35.882KB, 55 minutes 32 seconds
High Performance Computing and Archival Storage Systems - A Review of the situation in the USA Messina, P. (Caltech) Audio, AU, 26.964KB, 41 minutes 44 seconds
A Software Engineering Service Center
for Scientific Software Production
Pawlitzek, G (DLR) Audio, AU, 24.044KB, 37 minutes 13 seconds
Collaborative Computing Environmens for HEP Bunn, J. (CERN) Audio, AU, 15.797KB, 24 minutes 27 seconds