Programming languages and environment for the APEmille parallel processor.

Paper: 474
Session: F (talk)
Speaker: Panizzi, Emanuele, INFN-Dipartimento di Fisica, Roma
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Emanuele Panizzi
"Programming languages and environment for the APEmille parallel processor."

The software environment for the APEmille computer, a project
currently under development at Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
(INFN), Italy, in cooperation with Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron
(DESY), Germany, is described.
Particular emphasis is devoted to the programming languages that will
be available (TAO and C++) and their object oriented, dynamic
characteristics: within TAO it is possible to develop
language extensions suited for high energy physics not only by defining
abstract data types and by overloading operators, but also by defining
new operators and new statements more similar to the usual HEP notation;
with C++ the portability towards applications developed on different
platforms and the porting of APE applications towards different
architectures is made possible.
The concepts of the language constructs for the APE peculiar architectural
characteristics are described as well.
Other important topics are the distributed operating system, the software
tools and the user interface.