LIGHT/OO: an extension of LIGHT to OO programming techniques

Paper: 418
Session: E (talk)
Speaker: Krysiuk, Piotr, CERN, Geneva
Keywords: object-oriented methods, WWW applications

LIGHT/OO: an extension of LIGHT to OO programming techniques.

L.M.Barone, P.Krysiuk, P.Palazzi, B.Rousseau.
CERN - Geneva, Switzerland


The LIGHT (LIfecycle Global HyperText) project, developed at CERN in ECP/IPT
and currently in production in the ALEPH experiment at CERN, is providing a

solution to the problem of software documentation and maintenance in the
context of High Energy Phsyics experiments (size, complexity, distribution).
The new generation of HEP experiments (LHC, BaBar) is moving towards new
software technologies, like OO design, software engineering techniques and
use of C++; LIGHT is being extended to cope with these technologies, to be able
to handle more information sources (OMT diagrams, requirement documents) and to
allow more efficient Web navigation, profiting from all the emerging Web
technologies (HTML extensions, JAVA, Javascript).
We present the current status of LIGHT/OO and its future evolution.