RD41 or MOOSE Collaboration

Paper: 240
Session: E (talk)
Speaker: Bos, Kors, Nikhef Amsterdam
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Kors Bos
CERN (div.ecp) / NIKHEF
RD41 or MOOSE Collaboration


Moose, or CERN R&D project RD41, was started 2.5 years ago to study whether
Object Orientation was useful for reconstruction software. Various
aspects of OO like methods, tools, languages and persistency were studied
by developing prototype reconstruction systems. During the past year more
was spent on defining a process for OO software development in the context
of a large HEP collaboration. We present final conclusions from our
experience and report on the systems which have been developed. This will be
the final report from the R&D project and we will describe how we plan to
continue our work within the ATLAS and CMS collaborations.