LHC++ - "CERNLIB" for LHC?

Paper: 134
Session: E (talk)
Speaker: Shiers, Jamie, CERN, Geneva
Keywords: application programming, C++, class libraries, Java

LHC++ - "CERNLIB" for LHC?

Jamie Shiers, CN/ASD, CERN


In response to the stated requirements of the LHC collaborations, a working
group was set up in 1995 to investigate how the approximate equivalent of the
current CERNLIB environment could be provided in the LHC era. As the name of the
working group suggests, the focus has been primarily on C++ based solutions,
although recently this has expanded to include Java.

The working group has placed strong emphasis on the use of standard solutions
where-ever possible, be they de-facto or de-jure. In addition, existing work,
such as the CLHEP class library, has been viewed as an important component
of the overall strategy. As a result of the emphasis placed on standards,
HEP effort is concentrated on the HEP-specific part of the problem domain.

We describe the overall LHC++ architecture, the implementation status
and future plans. We also discuss a possible plan for handling the
licenses for the commercial components of the proposed solution.