What did we learn from the Internet 1996 World Exposition

Paper: 438
Session: D (talk)
Speaker: Blokzijl, Robert, Nikhef Amsterdam
Keywords: networking, communication, international WAN, world-wide collaboration, WWW applications

What did we learn from the Internet 1996 World Exposition

W. van Leeuwen, R. Blokzijl, H. v. Dompseler, P. Tabaux, A. Blanc, R. Spier

National Institute for Nuclear Physics and High Energy Physics (NIKHEF)
P.O. Box 41882
NL 1009 DB Amsterdam

In 1995 C. Malamud launched the idea of the Internet 1996 World Exposition.
During 1996 the infrastructure consisting of fileservers (the so called
parks) and the broadband network (the Internet Railroad) have become
and many exciting pavilions have been designed and installed.
NIKHEF housed one of the fileservers (amsterdam.park.org) and organized
the Dutch contribution to the World Exposition.
The idea of the World Exposition stirred enthusiastic reactions from
industry and government as a consequence of which the contributions of High
Energy Physics to networking and global collaboration became known in those
Also some of the technical aspects of this project will be discussed:

The running of a global broadband network

The maintenance of a global distributed file system

The sharing of the load over the servers

Modern techniques for audio and video on the Internet