Web-Oracle gateway Oralink: Accessing Oracle7 databases from the Web

Paper: 436
Session: D (poster)
Presenter: Rybalkin, Albert, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna
Keywords: data bases, data interchange, free software, world-wide collaboration, WWW applications

Web-Oracle gateway Oralink: Accessing
Oracle7 databases from the Web.

V.V.Korenkov, A.B.Rybalkin, I.S.Tkatchenko
LCTA Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141980 Dubna Russia


Web-Oracle gateway Oralink enables World Wide Web administrators to
integrate Oracle7 databases with the Web and to bring to the Internet
exciting new services and information systems. Using the Oralink gateway
a much quicker than starting up Forms 40, and gave every client's
platform almost equal access to the information worldwide.

Oralink gateway is a CGI 1.1 compliant script which uses POST method to
the commands from HTML forms. Build-in interpreter allows use of
and should hopefully not limit document designer neither in SQL
length nor in SQL sintax. With support of some HTML 3.0 elements, output
produced by Oralink will help to show data in impressive and attractive
Oralink is used in many Web sites worlwide, for instance, by members of
BAPHYS collaboration and in the Research Centre Rossendorf, to name a

The purpose of this paper is to aid web and database administrators in
usage of Oralink gateway; tasks needed to install, configure and use
are explained, as well as detailed description of Oralink's programming.
The examples of services built on base of Oralink are provided.
The current status of Oralink Project:
- distribution: freely available
- version: 1.60
- platforms supported: Unix, Win32

More information could be found on Oralink's homepage at: